In Memoriam

My birthday was last week, but that isn’t why I wanted to remember last week.  I wanted to create a tribute to a friend of mine. Chris Grace was a member of my social group when I was in law school. We were classmates, both graduating in 2004 and we were both editors on The Digest.

I remember lots of things about Chris – he was always smiling and was a great student. But most of all, he was just a Good Person.  He was always there to listen and to support you when you needed it.  He was the definition of selflessness and maintained that virtue with dignity and honor in an environment that tried to snuff that out while at the same time, pushing the virtues of competition and ruthlessness upon its acolytes. Chris wasn’t loud or showy; in fact, quite the opposite.  He was quiet, determined, hard working and above all, kind and mindful.  He was a calming presence in an otherwise terrifically crazy world.

So when I found out that he passed away last week at the age of 37, I was devastated.  The world had lost a kind, gentle and loving soul. No longer will his father and friends be able to bask in his calming presence or talk and listen to and learn from his wisdom.  The only comforts that I gain from this passage are these:  that Chris is with his mother now (who passed away in June) and that God calls His favorites back to him early.

His father, however, has been left alone in the mortal world. In Chris’ name, we, his law classmates, have started a collection for his father. I would like to present his father with a check for the total amount at the beginning of April. If you would be so kind, please go to this page and donate – it can be for any amount.

Thank you Chris – for touching all of our lives and Godspeed my friend.



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