Growing roots

…where you didn’t have them before is the subject of this post. Izzy and I don’t have any family in New Hampshire or anywhere in New England really. We both came to New England from different states and met in college. I’m from much closer than he is – New York to California – and we went to schools in Massachusetts (MIT and Wellesley). He took a job in Mass when I went to law school and I looked for jobs around here when I graduated.  We ended up in New Hampshire – with my family still on Long Island and his in California. It’s just us now, here.  Me, Izzy and Natenate. And the people that we meet along the way, one of whom we met today for lunch. She used to take care of Nate at his daycare center and is now pursuing a career as a medical assistant and she is so awesome.  I’m so glad that we met her. 🙂  She loves Natenate too, which is really what counts majorly in my book.

I have learned during this experience of being away is that you not only rely really heavily on each other within the nuclear family, but you begin to rely even more so perhaps on the others in the neighborhood/community perhaps even more so than if you grew up with a family or have a family close by. And that is necessary for survival because there is absolutely no way that you will get by unless you can rely on a few key people.


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